The Medical Device Vigilance System (MDVS) aims to improve the level of protection and safety of patients, users and others, reducing the possibility that an incident will repeat itself in different places at a later time

The Ministry of Health has the role, at the national level, of evaluating and classifying incidents involving medical devices and, within the Community, of guaranteeing a high level of health protection through integrated surveillance systems between the Member States and the European Commission
  • MDVS collects and evaluates safety information relating to medical devices in order to monitor the maintenance of their benefit / risk ratio for the population.
  • Furthermore, MDVS uses data from clinical studies but also unsolicited reports of adverse reactions, which can be made by all citizens.
  • Information on how to report an adverse event are available on the website of the Italian Ministry of Health


To contact Safilens' MDVS you can use the following contact details:

Phone: +39 0481 480421

Fax: +39 0481 1990421



+39 0481 480421


Via M. G. Deledda, 5
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