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We believe in the value of Italian know-how, in research and in pharmaceutical technology to generate innovative products
The difference between something good and something excellent is the attention to details
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and Wellbeing
We work with experience, but we never stop looking ahead, in the search for products, services and solutions that can effectively improve the quality of life.

From Italian research and creativity

Our Products

Safilens offers a full range of contact lenses, lens care solutions and eye drops

We listen to people to create safe, innovative and revolutionary products

What we do

Safilens is active in the design, production and commercialization of Medical Devices.
Le lenti a contatto e le soluzioni per la loro manutenzione che produciamo sono espressione della dedizione e dell’esperienza del nostro staff

High Standards

The attention in the development and manufacture of our products is aimed at providing the best possible experience to users

Prompt responses

Safilens is a lean and dynamic company that is able to meet customer needs quickly and efficiently

Furthermore, our team and our collaborators are always available to meet the needs, even unexpressed, of customers and users.

Innovative Products

We do not believe in innovation as an end in itself, but in one that really brings benefits and advantages
Our inspiration always starts from the human body, from its natural dynamics and its capabilities


Our products are an expression of corporate mission which focuses on the vision and experience of the end user
The quality of the products is an expression of this dedication and committment


It is essential to always be able to guarantee the same level of product, within our manufacturing processes, both to customers and users, for this reason our efforts are directed towards continuous technological development and obsessive attention to detail


Timing, competence, availability, flexibility and attention, combined with the excellence of our portfolio allow us to satisfy the needs of our customers and to accompany them at all times: from the first contact to after-sales management


+39 0481 480421


Via M. G. Deledda, 5
34079 Staranzano (GO) – Italia

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