SWG Sonic Wave Generator - Tutorial

Sonic Wave Generator is the new instrument which, through the release of sonic waves and combined with Open Reload - a single solution with a high concentration of Fusion copolymer based on a higher quality hyaluronic acid  - ensures the removal of deposits from the lenses and the reabsorption of HA (hyaluronic acid) and TSP® (Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide) during the night.

This in order to ensure a lens-regeneration every day, whether it is spherical (Open 30) or cylindrical (Open 30 Toric). Sonic Wave Generator 2.0 is equipped with a rechargeable battery with mini-USB port and cable included - with a term of office of about 45 days - and an engine of over 25% power amount than the previous version. The frequency range is expanded and sinusoidal in order to perform lenses regeneration uniformly on their entire surface. The pulsating blue light is equivalent to the wavelength of inhibiting bacterial and fungal. The new Sonic Wave Generator has also a device for measuring the amount of liquid and fingerpad commands which replace previous version buttons. New SWG 2.0 is included in new Open System Kit.